The new unwritten rules of Social Media Marketing

As new ways of online communication emerge and evolve, new rules are made. Here are some examples of the unwritten rules of Social Media marketing that are followed by successful companies.

So rather than pushing stuff out to customers, Its all about having your customers want to come to you.

Jeff Bullas describes how publishing useful and relevant content in (blogs, videos etc) and using various powerful tools to get the message out ( linkedin, twitter, facebook and more) are fundamental for attracting those people who want to follow you and want become your customer.

According to Mike Clough  from BestbizPractices , the vast majority of successful individuals and companies that use social media also adhere to these rules and etiquette:

  • No Advertising – If you post anything that appears to be an ad or some sort of self-promotion, particularly it if is for profit, you are likely to be called out as a “spammer” and shunned by those to which you wish to market.
  • Pay It Forward – “Be of service” to others seems to be a universally held value by social media participants. If you build good “web karma,” later, when you need assistance, there will be plenty available.

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